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With our Detoximix SJ1500, you’re discovering the “Slow Juicers” universe, also called: Vertical Slow Motion Juice Extractors. His cold-pressing system gently extracts all the essential nutrients and dietary fibers from fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs, with an optimized extraction rate, to make pure juices, full of antioxidants

Compact. Silent. Powerful, for perfect juices

Equipped with an original and compact enclosure, with compact dimensions, you will enjoy its modernity and his tactile and playful LED Screen, with 3 speeds, for soft, water soaked or solid pressed components (44-52 rotations/minute). An Automatic Cleaning Function is also included. Its silence (<60 dB), and its ease of use and maintenance can only seduce you for a daily use!


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  • Voltage 200-240 Volts, 50Hz
  • Dimensions : 237x193x400mm
  • Weight : 3.8kg
  • Motor power 150W
  • Bowl with a capacity of 300ml with anti-drip cap
  • LED touch screen with 3 speeds + reverse function.
  • Slow rotation speed adjustable: from 44/48 or 52 RPM
  • Continuous use : 20mn max
  • Sound volume & lt; at 60dB
  • Electric cable length 1m
  • Non-slip rubber feet

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Available accessories

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Choix de la couleur

Black mat, Red, Taupe mat, White