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Lactose-free milks, the “healthy” solution

While there are more and more people who are lactose intolerant, or those who fear becoming so, there are fortunately alternatives available today to deal with allergies and stomach pain. Lactose found in milk and milk products is a carbohydrate that, if intolerant, can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and gas. However, it is an essential source of calcium and vitamins (A & amp; D), potassium and riboflavin (vitamin B2) and the elimination of dairy products could lead to de facto calcium deficiencies. Plant milks thus come in part to compensate for the deficiencies linked to the suppression of lactose. However, attention should be paid to the fact that these products are not always particularly better for the health. Added sugars and other elements can interfere with the desired nutritional balance. We will thus find in substitution: soy milk, rice, almond, potato, hemp, oats, coconut.
Soy milk .
This is an increasingly popular alternative. Derived from the germ of soybeans, nutritionally, it is the milk that most closely resembles cow’s milk. A good source of protein, soy products contain supplements in calcium, riboflavin, vitamins A, D and B12. Certainly always easier to buy it in a bottle, we recommend doing so either by buying soy beans to be crushed with a little water. We will be sure to place a simple recipe in the next few days to accompany you in this step.
Rice milk
Make on the basis of boiled rice, rice syrup and brown rice flour, it contains less protein than soy milk and little calcium… in fact to compensate it is sometimes modified with additions of vitamins A, D and / or B12…. the labels will allow you to know a little more… stay attentive to the rate of sugars in your bottles.
Almond milk

An interesting alternative made on a basis of crushed almonds, water and sometimes light sweetener (to be avoided if possible by preferring an enriched plain milk a little organic honey), it is a lower calorie milk than most traditional dairy products despite being sweeter than cow’s milk. It contains little protein and almost no vitamin B. To benefit from the energy of almonds it is better to chew them rather than drink them. Almond milk, on the other hand, will be pleasant to use in cooking because of its sweet and pleasant taste. It will also be preferable to prune almonds, immerse them in cold water and then pass them through a slow-rotating juice extractor in order to obtain an authentic and exceptional juice !!!

Potato milk
Very rare on the market, it does exist but remains supplanted by soy milk or rice. Low in protein, however, it will be very rich in carbohydrates. Avoid unless carbohydrate deficiency 🙂 !!!
Hemp milk
Also discreet on the market, it is made on the basis of hulls of hemp seeds, water and sweetener. It is low in calcium but contains more protein and omega-3 than other milks. Easy to find in organic stores.
Oat milk
Made with oatmeal, water, but also other grains such as bean sprouts, barley, beans, brown rice … it is slightly sweet and rather sweet. You must always pay attention to additives and it is a milk not recommended for gluten intolerant.
Coconut milk
Stronger in calories and fat than all of its colleagues, it is also rich in fiber and iron. Less protein than soy or cow’s milk, it has a fairly characteristic taste which makes it less neutral and therefore less pleasant to everyone’s taste. The significant advantage of all these milks: they do not need to be stored cool, so ideal if you travel.At healthy time, all these milks fit perfectly into your morning smoothies, soups or ice creams, thus making your digestion lighter. But it will always be recommended to be careful with the composition or better, to make some of these milks yourself;)

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