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Reflection on the detox cure: Are you ready?

The DETOX cure is above all, in computer language, a kind of “system restart”. It is the awareness and above all the desire to put your body in the green, which is not within everyone’s reach. It is therefore necessary to approach it with humility, to test it to appreciate the effects it can have on your daily life. Health issues related to our diet affect us all in different ways, and the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus has not improved matters. The foods that we consume undergo transformations, artificial additions and their nutritional value is upset but in the wrong direction. This is how our body stores quantities of bad carbohydrates, hidden sugars (in ready meals, frozen or not, industrial breads, etc.) and our body must be helped to get rid of them. This is where DETOX comes in to relieve your body, put it to rest from too much and / or too much by committing to a selective and reasoned diet!


Depriving yourself of the harmful foods that are responsible for the increase of toxins and lectins in our body is the main argument for a detox cure. Detoxification is therefore the destruction of toxins already stored in our body and for this the only method lies in following strict rules which go through a physical and food hygiene. Insomnia, food allergy, chronic fatigue, headaches, trouble concentrating … the detox cure is there to combat this type of condition with one goal: to improve your daily well-being.


The treatments follow above all rules, sometimes quite strict, and are designed over a period (5 to 10 days and more). The ideal is to repeat the experience 4 times a year, at the beginning of each season, or after unexpected crises such as that of covid 19 which has fueled our stress, modified our diet and sometimes limited our physical efforts. Starting a cure is therefore always striving for the same goal: a healthy lifestyle around a so-called light diet.

Here are some basic rules:

  • It is advisable to stop everything at once, which is easy to say but less easy to live with. Thus alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, saturated fats, colors, industrial sugar, flour, dairy products, red meat, and almost all industrial products are to be avoided. At this stage we could understand that some would prefer to talk about detox another day or never for others. So rather than starting a strict and unconditional cure, why not “ease off” gradually by removing from the list the products that are less difficult to stop and then set yourself the goal of going a little further each day … the method calls for reason and will.
  • Eliminating red meat is often part of detox cures, but it is necessary to find a balance in proteins during each meal, for that the eggs, fish, poultry, or seeds (soya, squash, nuts…. Oilseeds) are perfect compensations. We will also mention okara, a residue of oilseeds, seeds, cereals or legumes (left over from a homemade vegetable milk). It is a pulp, with undeniable health benefits.
  • To compensate for your sugar needs, opt for fresh and organic fruits and vegetables preferably, as they are free of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides which will have a harmful effect on your colon and your intestines over time. They are full of more good sugars and especially good carbohydrates.
  • Water is life. Especially during a detox treatment. Your hydration level will be fundamentally important, especially if your treatment is accompanied by physical exercise sessions which can only contribute to your general well-being. It is recommended that you drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day to cleanse your digestive system and kidneys. To make hydration more pleasant, make cold infused waters (and avoid flavored bottled waters). The benefits of a cold infusion are recognized. Start with the simplicity of a basic detox water: lemon-mint, easy to make all year round.
  • Regular physical exercise, whatever its intensity, is strongly recommended during a detox treatment. Sweating, which is the result of increased blood flow, helps to flush out toxins and you will only feel better thanks to an oxygenating effect of the blood and red blood cells. During confinement, the most daring were able to equip themselves with an exercise bike or an elliptical, which was a perfect initiative to continue at the rate of 20 minutes a day to start. The addiction will take you for a much longer time.

At the end of a detox cure, you will have got rid of all or some of the toxins, you will have improved your natural resistance and regained a natural balance. However, do not hesitate to approach a nutritionist occasionally or your doctor to do a regular check-up, blood tests and continue your process of eliminating toxins for permanent well-being.

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