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The ten wounds requiring a DETOX cure.

Our body gets rid of its toxins on a daily basis through a natural process, however, requiring special attention, especially when we feel weak. Certain symptoms will allow you to be able to qualify your condition and take action to reduce or even avoid the diseases that could be caused by the toxins. In these complicated times when viruses can come at any time to interfere with our peaceful existence, here are the ten plagues that make it possible to consider that your body needs your interaction.


Indigestion causes discomfort, colic, disgust associated with a feeling of bloating in your stomach. This situation can be caused by toxins and lectins preventing full digestion. A DETOX cure will be beneficial because it will give your digestive system a well-deserved rest and will eradicate your indigestion problems.


The build-up of toxins in your body can cause repeated insomnia. The period of confinement and stress linked to the corona virus epidemic has not helped. A dysfunction of the sleep signals occurs and the DETOX cure is the key to correct this phenomenon without going through the drug box.


A high amount of toxins stored in our body can generate a feeling of depression leading to a changeable and unpleasant mood. There is an obvious interaction between the foods we eat daily and our state of mind. The DETOX cure can allow the choice of healthy foods to send positive signals to the brain to restore a pleasant mood and healthy thoughts.

Cardiac Disorders

Symptoms of heart disease are sometimes a sign that the levels of toxins in your body are difficult to control. A DETOX cure would be the way to sweep away the toxins present in large numbers and which make the functioning of our heart embarrassing. Objective: to regain normality in its operation.

Emotional imbalance

It is sometimes the result of a high level of toxins in our body making our emotions unstable. Emotional instability is sometimes a signal sent by our body to let us know that it needs help. The DETOX cure can help regain control of your emotions.

Difficulty Losing Weight

The difficulty in losing weight does not always come from the diet followed but sometimes from the poor choice of our foods that our body has difficulty in evacuating. Toxins accumulate and upset our balance. The DETOX cure will purify your body by choosing suitable foods, in liquid or solid form, in sufficient quantity to purify your body. The resulting weight loss will be gentle and above all beneficial.

Food allergy

If certain foods cause allergic reactions in your body, this is a sign that your intestinal system does not have enough bacteria to break down and optimize the nutrients in food. A DETOX cure would be beneficial because it would attack the root of this deficiency by helping to flush toxins out of your body. This will make food allergies less frequent and your intestinal micro-flora, which helps in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food.

Chronic Fatigue

Being exhausted, fatigued can seem normal when the working days are difficult and repeated. But when such a feeling of fatigue appears following a simple or playful activity, or during awakenings that are slow to dissipate, it is a sign that a small DETOX cure will do the greatest good to correct this state and recover lost energy.

Concentration disturbance

Disturbed concentration is a sign of an increase in toxins in your body. A DETOX cure will eliminate a level of harmful toxins and help your brain to recover a good level of concentration

Weight gain

The constant weight gain is a harbinger of dysfunction sometimes due simply to the absorption of bad foods partially absorbed by our body and stored as fat. A DETOX cure will allow your digestive system to better assimilate your food and limit your uncontrolled weight gain.

The health crisis that we went through stirred up each of these wounds and made us realize that respect for a balanced lifestyle was necessary for our well-being.


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