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Blender 1000 Detoximix


This Detoximix 1000 Mixer-Blender is equipped with TWO Blade Blocks, with a Six-Faces Blade for extraction, and with a Flat Blade for milling. It includes a Cyclonic Action System from the motor, to obtain the best from fruits, vegetables, oleaginous products and plant foods, to make juices and smoothies enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals contained in food. His 1000W engine block is equipped with rubber parts, and a “one-touch” button, developing 18 000 rotations/minute for the extracting process.”

“Maximum Operating Time: 2 Minutes”

“Shipped with 2 Mugs: one of 70cl with rubber parts, and one 50cl with a “ready-to-go” sport cap, and a “conservation” stopper; with 2 Blade Blocks (for extraction and milling), a Jug Loop, a 1000W engine block, a user manual, and a dedicated recipes book”

Availability: 335 in stock
Availability: 335 in stock

1000W motor unit with rubber part and a single button to start the extraction process and develop 18,000 rotations per minute. Duration of continuous use max 2mn. Supplied with 2 mugs (70cl with rubber part and 50cl), “ready to go” sport cap and conservation cap, 2 blade units (extraction and milling), a pitcher handle, 1000W motor unit, a user manual and a recipe book dedicated.


  • Voltage 220-240 Volts, 50 / 60Hz
  • Motor power 1000W
  • Unique speed of 18,000 rotations / minute
  • Electric cable length 1 meter
  • Rubber part for a better grip
  • non-slip rubber feet

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Weight 3.9 kg