Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Lunch Box – Meal


  • 40W heating power
  • 2 removable compartments: 1L stainless steel and 0.35L plastic without BPA
  • Max temperature 70 ° C to preserve nutrients (indicative soup 25-30mn dishes 45-60mn)
  • Lid with drain valve
  • Ultra compact 16cm high for 16cm in diameter
  • Small spoon supplied + power cable
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The meal

Sober and practical, the Lunch Box meal will follow you everywhere and will heat up your meals in about 30 minutes. Equipped with two removable compartments (in 1L stainless steel and 0.35L plastic) for your solid or liquid foods and equipped with an original 2-clip closure system and 2 transport handles, you will appreciate its practicality and lightness and its ease of maintenance.

Detoximix Lunch Box Meal
<p>heated lunchbox meal</p>

Equipped with a heating base with temperature rise up to € 70 ° to keep your meal hot throughout the day

<p>hermetic lunchbox meal</p>

Thanks to its cover and its silicone seal, it is completely hermetic. Enjoy the serenity of a meal well protected in its lunchbox!

<p>hermetic lunchbox meal</p>

Equipped with carrying cuffs, it will follow you on all your adventures. Its practicality will make it the faithful companion of your lunches!

Dimensions & weight

  • Product dimensions: D16cm x H16cm
  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Weight: 580 gr
<p>Detoximix Meal Lunchbox decomposed</p>
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By reducing packaging disposables and plastic trays we contribute to Zero Waste

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By moderating your consumption of industrial products

<p>Always in style</p>


With a compact, useful and neat design lunch box