Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Blender – Mini


  • Power 150W
  • 20,000 rotations per minute for a perfect mix!
  • 2 Bottles 280 ml to double the pleasures
  • 4-sided blade block
  • 2 caps
  • Recipe book
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The mini

Ideal for making individual smoothies. Ultra compact, it is equipped with a 150W motor developing 20,000 rotations / minute for perfect food mixing. Instantly make fruit juice, sauces, smoothies or milkshakes. Suitable for babies and the elderly. In 2 presses of 15 seconds your drink is ready to be tasted. Comes with 2 280ml mugs which will accompany you everywhere.

<p>powerful detoximix blender</p>

With its 20,000 rpm, the food mixing of the mini Blender Detoximix is ​​perfect. You will enjoy a fresh juice or a velvety smoothie as you wish.

<p>Compact size of the detoximxi mini blender</p>

Ideal for short breaks on hikes or at the workplace! With its compact size and light weight, this mini Detoximix Blender is easy to take on all your adventures.

<p>mini detoximix blender to take everywhere</p>

This mini Detoximix Blender is supplied with 2 transport mugs with airtight caps. This will allow you to take your smoothie as soon as it is mixed!

Dimensions & weight

  • Product dimensions: Height 27cm Diameter 7cm
  • Capacity: 2 x 280ml
  • Weight: 550g (Detoximix Mini assembled)


  • 1 motor base
  • 2 bottles 280ml
  • 1 4-sided blade block
  • 2 caps
  • 1 cookbook
  • Food contact compatible
  • BPA free (in accordance with regulations)
  • 2 waterproof bottles 280ml capacity
  • Accessible and cleanable seal
<p>Mini Blender BPA Free</p>
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By reducing packaging
disposables and plastic bottles

<p>control your diet</p>


By moderating your consumption of industrial products

<p>Always in style</p>


With compact, useful and neat design products

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 10 cm
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