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Heating blender


A simple and intuitive heating blender that appeals to your imagination to enjoy your preparations in just a few minutes.

    • Power from 160W to 320W
    • From 12,000 to 22,000 rotations per minute
    • Glass bottle capacity: 400ml (1-2 people)
    • LED display & 3 intuitive keys
    • 5 programs
    • Delayed departure until 12 noon

Detoximix vous offre 1 infuseur à fruits + 1 Infuzee + 1 entonnoir pour l'achat du nouveau Blender chauffant !!

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Detoximix presents the Heating Blender

The new DETOXIMIX heating blender is above all an invitation to "homemade" so as not to neglect the act of cooking so simple, fast and always healthier and virtuous than the ready-made. The heating Detoximix Blender is made for everyone: Vegans, Vegans, Vegetarians, Carnivores, Locavores but also and especially for those who decide to take control of their diet by consuming creatively fresh and authentic foods and preparations. Barely more imposing than a bottle of mineral water, it takes up little space and can be easily taken with you.

Detoximix vous offre 1 infuseur à fruits + 1 Infuzee + 1 entonnoir pour l'achat du nouveau Blender chauffant !!

Mini Soup Blender Detoximix heating

The heating blender is equipped with:

Mini Heated Soup Blender Detoximix

A motor unit associated with a 4-sided blade unit rotating from 12,000 to 22,000 rotations per minute depending on the programs.

mini soup blender detoximix glass bottle
A borosilicate glass bottle protected by a thermal protection layer offering a control window and limiting the risk of burns.
Detoximix mini soup blender led screen
An LED screen and its 3 intuitive keys

Thanks to the heating blender you will be able to:

  • RRéaliser des préparations chaudes en mode « Vegetal Milk » - « Baby Food » ou « Soup »
  • RRéchauffer ou cuire en mode « Heat »
  • RRéaliser des mixages ou nettoyer votre produit en mode « Smoothie-Clean »
Make hot preparations in mode:
« Vegetal Milk »
« Baby Food »
« Soup »
Reheat or cook in mode
« Heat »
Perform mixtures or clean your product in
« Smoothie-Clean »

Technical specificities

1 motor base and its 4-sided blade unit
1 glass bottle 400ml
1 cap
1 cleaning brush
1 user manual and its recipes
Food Contact Compatible
BPA free (in accordance with regulations)
Mini Soup blender detoximix exploded view
Product dimensions: Height 31.5cm Diameter: 10.5cm
Glass bottle capacity: 400ml
Weight: 1.270 kg (Detoximix assembled)
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